We create artistic and systematic experiences for
technology startups blockchain brands new launches  .

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Creative digital agency with 20 years old experience based in Prague.

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As MONALICA, we create unique and unforgettable experiences with the most prestigious brands of the blockchain and startups ecosystem from a systematic & artistic perspective.

Our Capabilities

From envisioning your brand’s identity to crafting compelling brands. Our comprehensive services encompass  ➤ Art Direction,  ➤ Brand Guidelines,  ➤ Logo & Trademark and  ➤ Branding Identity solutions.

Development is the art of crafting dynamic, interactive, and user-friendly   ➤ Websites and   ➤ Apps and dApps. It’s about crafting seamless digital experiences that captivate audiences across various platforms.

From explainer to promo videos, MONALICA has the strongest video production and animation team on the internet. Our customers highly addicted to our video services.

Our creative team focused on bringing new ideas to help you launch your next best project from stratch. We’ve all tools and talents you need. 

As MONALICA, we believe that everything starts with a healthy communication and a good understanding of both parties. Once we get that done, the rest is more creative, more productive, and more efficient.


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In our journey, which we have been continuing as a digital agency for more than 20 years with independent professionals who have worked with some of the world’s largest brands, we started to produce solutions specific to blockchain brands under the name MONALICA as of 2021. Since the day we were founded, we have created and shared experiences with very big blockchain brands in a very short time span. Our dedication to professionalism, based on systematically transferring creativity, enables us to grow in the blockchain ecosystem at a stunning rate. As an agency that has adopted the motto of producing timely and high-quality solutions for our customers, we aim to develop long-term relationships by advancing on the principles of honesty and transparency. MONALICA consists of talented independent artsts, software developers and project developers from all around the world. Our artistic perspective goes beyond just material and visual elements. We produce solutions for the needs of our customers by founding our art in a systematic way. We continue to develop ourselves as a team around blockchain technology, and are eager to grow alongside our partners. We care deeply about getting to know our partners and their needs correctly. The healthy communication between us and your brand strengthens the synergy so much that the MONALICA team starts to produce projects and ideas like a department of your brand.