Sienna Knights

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In the 12th Century and as early as 1135, in an Italian City named Sienna, the world’s original bankers, the Knights Templar, initiated a huge network of money transfer locations so people could deposit money in the Veneto region and travel to Sienna and the port of Venice without the risk of being robbed. Upon arrival at either destination, merchants could withdraw their money from a Templar location by handing in an encrypted document. The Knights had also invented a unique kind of encryption that would allow people to travel with a document that could only be decrypted by the Knights themselves. In many ways, if it wasn’t for the Knights Templar, the encryption system would be very different today.

A millennium later, Sienna Knights, taking notes and learning from the world’s encryption pioneers, carry the tradition and work all around the globe to bring privacy and encryption to individuals. Their goal is to make Privacy a de facto standard in Decentralized Finance. They create awareness, they meme, they cherish. But most importantly, they are innovators and first movers.
Sienna Knights do not have a central headquarters or a ruler. They work, individually but together, toward a shared goal; The goal of bringing Privacy to Decentralized Finance.