The Official SecretNFT PFP Collection of Sienna Network

Detailed artwork was done in the NFT collection work we developed for the Lovely Sienna Network team.

About the Collection

There are a total of x amount of Sienna Knights and they are divided into groups and ranks. Although there’s a lack of detailed public information due to the Knights’ privacy orientation, it’s safe to assume that each Sienna Knight is considered rare both in visuals and purpose. Sometimes there are information leaks, but these information are mostly limited to details that only bring more attention to how cool the Knights already are.


One anonymous journalist reports that: “Sienna Knights meet around in a secret chat room and are given incentives to create awareness around Sienna Network and Secret Network. Some of the incentivised work includes creating their own encrypted ‘memes’ that only they understand. These ‘memes’ not only bring a lot more attention to Sienna Network and Privacy but also help the Knights have a better mood as they go about their business. There are also reports that the best of the ‘meme creators’ get rewarded in a Privacy token named $SIENNA.“

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