How a Blockchain Marketing Agency Can Help Your Crypto Currency


MONALICA, which provides quality services in a wide spectrum such as Branding, Video Production (Explainer videos, Animation Videos, Promo Videos), Copywriting, Storification, Frontend and Backend Web Development, Full Stack NFT Collection Delivery; An experienced agency that prepared promotional videos for Quentin Tarantino’s NFT collection, which was sold for $1.1 million.

So far, their partners include Secret Network, a $335M Market Cap privacy first Layer 1 blockchain, SCRT Labs, Chameleon Ville, a Cross-Chain NFT Game & Community Experience, Legendao, which aims to bring the greatest minds of Hollywood to the NFT Space starting with Kevin Smith, Alter and the upcoming Hydro Finance. They’ve had great results working with all of our partners and continue to share valuable experiences, bonded by great connections that rely on mutual trust and splendid final products.

The MONALICA team, consisting of more than 30 professionals, became famous in the crypto community, especially with the promotional videos they prepared for crypto brands. The professional desktop video team of 8 people also consists of professionals who have prepared videos for the world’s biggest brands.

MONALICA is a crypto marketing agency that stands out with quality and aims to provide only quality services. MONALICA, which has not made any advertisements to date and has only expanded its customer base with recommendations, comes up with ideas that will have a nitro effect especially for new crypto brands or new products of existing brands. Knowing crypto technology and culture, while also being advanced in technical competence, the team offers tools and ideas to grow crypto brands and introduce them to a wider audience.

Using a blockchain marketing agency is a great idea if you’re looking to boost your crypto currency’s visibility. Marketing can be expensive, requiring the hiring of full-time employees, marketing tools, and installation. An agency will do all of that, while compensating experts with service fees that are often lower than a monthly salary. The bottom line is that a blockchain marketing agency can maximize the value of your crypto currency.


A digital marketing agency that specializes in blockchain technology may have the right approach for your business. Applicature, for example, specializes in decentralized applications, digital assets, and the integration of blockchain technology into existing systems. The agency offers a hands-on approach to fundraising and performance benchmarks, and implements strategies to attract global clients and increase awareness for your crypto project. This makes Applicature a great choice for marketing your crypto project.

TSM Global is a blockchain marketing agency based in London that provides a variety of services, including consulting, term-sheet development, content creation, and social media support. TSM Global’s team has experience in traditional marketing, as well, and they also offer their services in several languages. This includes Japanese, Korean, and Russian-speaking markets, where blockchain-based businesses can target investors and customers. To learn more about what these companies offer, visit their website.

7Marketz Group

The 7Marketz Group is one of the leading PR media groups in the fintech and blockchain industry. They offer end-to-end marketing solutions for blockchain companies, with an emphasis on go-to-market strategies, AI solutions, and blockchain. Their comprehensive service portfolio encompasses PR, content marketing, and sales funnels. Here are some of the ways they can help your blockchain company stand out from the competition.

For instance, 7Marketz helped Swissquote grow their market share through algorithmic trading and quality content. The company also helped Swissquote generate leads through online webinars. The blockchain marketing agency also helped Genesis Vision build a decentralized platform for the private trust management sector. ICOs can now choose from several asset managers, allowing investors to choose a portfolio that suits their needs. And since ICOs are highly regulated, the 7Marketz team provides investors with a wealth of advice.


Lucidity is a blockchain marketing agency with clients including Hyundai Genesis, KFC, and advertising agencies. The company offers advanced analytics and advertising tools for clients looking to cut costs on digital media buying. Currently, $30 billion is wasted every year on ad spend, largely due to fraudulent tools. Such tools can generate false views and impressions, or mimic human traffic. Lucidity’s blockchain-based analytics platform can help its clients save up to 30% on advertising spend.

Despite its promising start, the digital advertising industry has long been plagued by problems including fraud and inefficiencies in billing. With its blockchain system, Lucidity is able to ensure the accuracy and security of every impression and click made by their clients. Its platform matches signals between ad trackers and demand-side platforms through a shared ledger, ensuring the highest possible efficiency. As a result, the firm is already racking up awards and pilots from major organizations and brands.


A blockchain marketing agency can be a vital part of a crypto-based startup’s marketing efforts. But what exactly is blockchain marketing? Is it a new way of thinking about digital marketing? And is it something that even established companies can take advantage of? KEY Difference Media is the answer to those questions. Its founder Karnika E. Yashwant is an avid marketer and has been leading projects in the crypto space since 2013. Her marketing expertise has allowed her to execute content marketing strategy for Fortune 100 brands for over a decade. KEY Difference Media is a blockchain marketing agency with a proven track record, having consistently placed in Top 5 and 10 lists in the crypto space year after year.

KEY Difference Media offers full-service ICO marketing. The company was founded in 2007, but only became an important player in the space in 2013 after partnering with stalwarts of the crypto space. It has assisted in the sale of over 550 million tokens through a variety of marketing strategies. The agency’s core services include content marketing, influencer marketing, user acquisition, fundraising support, and public relations. Their services are backed by quantitative and qualitative insights.


As a pioneer in the blockchain space since its inception, Crowdcreate is a leading marketing agency that understands the complexities of the crypto landscape. With over six years of experience in other industries, the agency is able to understand the latest trends and technology and how to best leverage these to benefit their clients. This expertise in blockchain marketing and technology has helped them build relationships with world-class companies and organizations.

One of the most important aspects of a cryptocurrency marketing campaign is community management. For example, Ethereum and memecoins have large developer communities. Using influencer marketing, Crowdcreate can leverage these community segments and develop marketing strategies to grow their communities. For smaller communities, Crowdcreate can leverage social media influencers to gain visibility. The company is also able to develop marketing strategies that can be adapted to different platforms.

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