Chameleon Ville Cross-Chain NFT Game

With this article we’ll be marking the beginning of a very exciting era. As you might know, Chameleon Ville was first announced right before the launch of Secret Dogs, with an animated video of our French mascot, teasing Chameleon Ville in his house, playing the piano in his cozy living room then moving off to his Parisian apartment balcony and finishing up the announcement. You can find the video here on this Twitter post:

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Reason we’ve decided to release this announcement video before the launch of Secret Dogs was to showcase the “Whitelist Pass” utility of Secret Dogs and showcase the first product in which Secret Dog Owners will be whitelisted for.

While we’re on the subject of Secret Dogs, we’d like to thank you once again. Secret Dogs was a huge hit within the community and was the fastest sell out in Secret NFTs history. 64,750 $SCRT of sales in under an hour! Secondaries have also been quite successful so far. After just an hour of selling out, 2 Secret Dogs have been sold for 680 $SCRT and now the number is at 23 sold on secondaries.

With that said and as the graphic clearly states, all Secret Dog Owners will have a whitelist seat at the time of the initial Chameleon Ville mint on Secret Network.

Secret Dogs secondary sales are available here at this link:


Now, let’s move on to Chameleon Ville

What is Chameleon Ville?

Elevator Pitch

Chameleon Ville is a Cross-Chain NFT Game & Community Experience in which you are a resident of Chameleon Ville. Being a resident means you can customize the look of your home whether that be outdoors or indoors. You can play games that are either shared across chains or chain exclusive and compete within the leaderboards. Earn money through playing said games, whether they’re at an arcade, a casino or elsewhere. Chat & meet fellow residents at meeting places such as cafes or restaurants and make long lasting friendships. Buy or sell items and furniture within the Chameleon Ville Marketplace using the in-game currency Cham (₵). Be a part of an ever-expanding community and become a legend in the Ville. Your character, your money, your choices.

Why Cross-Chain and Why Start with Secret Network?

We believe that the idea of having an NFT game Cross-Chain supports the shared goal of the decentralized finance movement. We want not to polarize Networks but to bring them together, let each Network’s communities learn and get to know more about other communities, bringing awareness and value to multiple Networks instead of sticking to just one.

Reason we’re doing our initial launch with Secret Network is because we’re creators within the Secret Network community and this is where we think needs NFT projects with quality. The community knows us, they trust us and our marketing power is currently best spent for Secret Network where we already have a built-up following. The move from Secret to future planned networks like Solana or Avalanche is one that we’re very excited for both as creators and for the awareness that it’ll bring to Secret Network.

The NFT Collection

What are we minting?

Each minted Chameleon is your entry pass for Chameleon Ville that you can also of course buy or sell on NFT marketplaces. Each Chameleon you hold, whether they be on one wallet or several, is their own unique character in the game. Minted Chameleon’s metadata ID is linked to their Game Profile upon logging into Chameleon Ville. The NFT and the Game Profile is then linked, so the selling or buying of an NFT also transfers all the In-Game items, assets and currency of the Chameleon.

Collection & Art

The Art Direction is fancy, elegant, fun yet not chaotic. We’re aiming for top quality with every trait and go for a unique yet desirable approach.

Below is a tease of some of the beautiful residents of the Chameleon Ville that you can mint.

Total supply is 4,444 and the Chameleons are derived from these main traits:

Background: Color, Gradient, Special

Primary Color: Color, Material, Special

Secondary Color: Color, Spots/Stripes

Headwear: Hats, Caps, Beanies of all sorts, Color Variants

Innerwear: Shirts, T-Shirts and other Innerwear of all sorts

Outerwear: Jackets, Coats, Robes, Scarfs of all sorts

Neckwear: Collars, Glowsticks, Special

Mouth Type: All sorts of mouth variants

Eye Type: Lids, Color, Special

Eye Color: Color, Special

Facial Accessories: Glasses, Goggles, Monocles etc. of all sorts

* Designed with rarity and desirability in mind to ensure each minter is satisfied with their Chameleon, whether that be the Chameleon’s looks or its metadata.

* High quality and print-ready.


Each Chameleon you mint can now be processed through Chameleon Ville and be linked to their In-Game identity.

Upon launching the game, you’ll be given a choice to select your preferred Chain/Network and doing so will prompt you to connect your wallet. (Note that the Chain on which you have minted your Chameleon is the Chain you’d start playing from.)

Each Chameleon you own will be linked to a profile on Chameleon Ville with which you can change your username and customize many other things. Your Chameleon will act as your identity and profile picture on Chameleon Ville.

The Game

Home Customization

The chain on which you mint your Chameleon (Secret Network, Solana, Avax, Ethereum) determines which region you reside in Chameleon Ville. Once you have a home, you’ll be put in the region with a default home that you can customize and level up with your Cham (₵).

This is a constructed concept art of the outdoor look of your home and an isometric view of Chameleon Ville. (Art and UI do not represent the final look of Chameleon Ville.)

Indoors is your living room that serves as both an NFT Showroom and a place for which you can invite fellow residents in Chameleon Ville to take a glance and admire your artistic and creative expression. Your home is fully customizable, meaning you can buy, sell and exchange your furniture, your painting frames (that serve as an on-chain NFT showcase or just a JPEG holder), your piano or other musical instruments, the paint color on your walls, curtains, carpets and of course a place for which you can give your Secret Dog a home.

You can list your furniture to sell or buy furniture with Cham (₵) within the in-game marketplace or just quick-sell your items for a quick buck. Our marketplace is an ever-growing in-game shop of items and furniture that get updated with new content regularly. Content Updates can range between Basic, Special and Exclusive. These updates can be all sort of different things; A set of chairs, new patterned walls, new painting frames or a 1 of 1 Grand Piano piece.

You can choose to leave your home completely private, invite only or public for your chain or public for cross-chain.


The social aspect of Chameleon Ville is quite important to the Game Design.

You can visit cafes and restaurants or events in the cross-chain town center to socialize and meet new people. You can chat in-game through direct messages and have your own inbox for friend requests and messaging. You can invite fellow residents of the Chameleon Ville to check out your home or invite them to a competitive game within the Arcade or Casino.


In Chameleon Ville, playing games is essential to the in-game economy and acts both as a way of having fun and earning Cham (₵). Games can be both Chain-specific (e.g. A game that only Secret Network Chameleons can play) or Cross-Chain. Gaming aspect will consist of several games within each Game Area (Casino, Arcade, etc.) Every game has their own leaderboard, both chain-specific and cross-chain and there’s time events for games that reward top players with special furniture, items, Cham (₵) or all three.

That’s it for today’s article!

There is still so much we want to share about Chameleon Ville and we hope this article gives you some idea of our values and the scope we’re going for.

We’re currently setting up our Discord server and Website, but you can follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram chat to be kept up on updates and ask any question.

We also recommend you snatch a Secret Dog from Stashh’s Secondary Sales while the prices are fairly low. Both to be ready for Chameleon Ville’s whitelist mint and to be an early supporter of the on-going development.

Join us. Reserve your spot in Chameleon Ville. Become a legend. Your character, your money, your choices.

This time we are flying higher.

Here’s our socials:

Twitter : @ChameleonVille

Telegram: @ChameleonVilleChameleon Ville NFT


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